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Californians tell Speaker McCarthy: Preserve, improve, expand  ...read more
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California seniors bring the fight for Social  ...read more
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HUGE WIN! UDW member fights for more  ...read more
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We did it! Kern County Term Limits  ...read more
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State Fines Kern County for Mismanaging Long-Term  ...read more
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UDW member wins more hours and $1000 retroactive  ...read more
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Support our campaign to limit Board of  ...read more
In-home care union says workers need more  ...read more
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Protecting IHSS and our loved ones in 2019 ...read more
March IHSS News You Can Use ...read more
State senator holds hearing in Bakersfield on  ...read more
Treating all work with dignity this Labor  ...read more
Caregivers to Gov. Brown: We deserve Social  ...read more
What we’re doing to fix Labor  ...read more
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UDW Legislative Update: Winning dignity for home  ...read more
Caregivers demand equal Social Security and unemployment  ...read more
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Home care is real work, and real  ...read more
Caregivers win audit of IHSS payroll system ...read more
Update on our work to improve the  ...read more
Important update: New overtime exemption for providers  ...read more
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Working Californians win the Fight for $15 ...read more
Take advantage of FREE tax prep & find  ...read more
Important tax update for IHSS providers who  ...read more
Important dates and forms for the new  ...read more
Good news for IHSS parent and grandparent  ...read more