Child care providers ratify new union contract!

Child care providers vote to ratify new union contract!

After months of making thousands of phone calls, our overwhelming digital actions, such as sending thousands of emails and sharing social media posts, as well as more than 3,000 of us rallying at the state capitol and going back again and again to Sacramento, we made it clear to Governor Newsom that we weren’t backing down. The result of our organizing and collective power is that he finally listened.

Our elected child care bargaining team is excited to announce that after all our efforts and a recent vote, we have officially ratified our new 2-year contract with the State of California!

Our contract includes the following:

  • a pathway to implement payment based on the actual cost of providing care
  • a subsidy rate increase per child
  • $80 million per year for a historic first-of-its-kind retirement fund
  • Continued funding for CCPU Health Care Reimbursement Fund and CCPU Training Fund
  • a two-year extension to payment by enrollment, not attendance
  • Lowered hours per week to qualify for full-time reimbursement allowing more kids to qualify for full-time rates, and more!
  • Contract expires July 1, 2025

This is a historic win for child care providers throughout the state! Our hard work and unity in this fight are paving the way for child care providers around the country.

Thank you for your dedication to improving the lives of all child care providers around the state, as well as the families and children we serve.

The contract is pending ratification from the State of California.