Patricia Miranda: “All of the parents of the children in my daycare are struggling financially”

April 8, 2016

Patricia MirandaPatricia Miranda | San Ysidro, CA | Child care provider for 13 years

Years ago, a 17-year-old mother brought her two-week-old infant to my daycare. She wanted to finish high school, and become a teacher, but she did not know how she could do it and take care of her baby during the day. I took her baby into my home-based nursery, easing that worry—and now she is a school teacher, just like she always dreamed.

All of the parents of the children in my daycare are struggling financially, and many of them have lost their jobs. Others have to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. My families are doing their best, and I am happy they’re able to bring their children to me while they work hard to provide for them. Unfortunately, cuts have made it nearly impossible for many of the families who qualify for and desperately need child care to even access it.

I’m excited to work together, with my fellow family child care providers, to make changes that help working families.

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