Update: Threats to IHSS funding continue

October 31, 2017

UDW caregivers are still fighting cuts to Medicaid and IHSS

This year, we have faced numerous threats to our health care at the federal level. All of these threats have included drastic cuts to Medicaid, which funds over half of the IHSS program our clients depend on.

That’s why UDW has fought back against every attempt to repeal health care and cut Medicaid. Our members have joined working people across the country, making thousands of calls, writing letters, and turning out to protests and town hall meetings to demand our representatives protect our care.

But the threats keep coming—and will keep coming. The latest comes with a federal budget proposal to transfer trillions of dollars from health care and other vital social services to fund tax cuts for the wealthy.

As IHSS faces cuts to funding at the federal level, we will also be looking for state-based solutions to secure long-term IHSS funding. UDW is committed to protecting, improving, and expanding IHSS, and we will never stop fighting to ensure that this program is here for us and our clients for years to come.

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