Paid sick days increase for IHSS providers begins in 2024!

As caregivers, we know the value of rest and care when someone is sick. We spend much of our time looking after and caring for others, and don’t always have the time to care for ourselves, even when we are sick. That’s why UDW sought after changes that would help all of us have a little more time to recover—and this October our efforts finally paid off!

After months of tedious meetings and hundreds of hours of work, we successfully led the way in securing an additional two paid sick days for most California workers, including IHSS providers. This huge victory brings up the total paid sick days in California from three days to five days, or 40 hours, per year, and will help us better recover and care for ourselves so we can continue to provide the best care possible to our clients or loved ones.

This bill will give IHSS providers the time to take care of their client AND take care of themselves, because the truth is you can’t do one without the other.”

Jacquelene Cerquettini, IHSS Provider, Butte County

Governor Newsom signed the UDW co-authored bill, SB 616, in October, but the additional paid sick time will begin accruing in January 2024. The accrual and request process will remain the same for IHSS providers, meaning you will submit your request for sick time in the same way we’ve been doing for the past couple of years. You can find the instructions below.

Please note that sick time is accrued monthly through our worked hours, so although we begin accruing the extra time in January, we will not have it available immediately. Please check the California Department of Social Services’ eligibility requirements.

Submitting an electronic copy of the Sick Leave Request Form

If you have an account registered on the IHSS Electronic Services Portal website, you can simply fill out a request for sick leave electronically.

Step 1: Login to your electronic timesheet portal
Go to and log in!

If you have not registered for timesheets, follow the “Registration” button on the righthand side and follow instructions.

Step 2: Click on “Time Entry” (left-hand upper corner of the menu section)
Choose the “Sick Leave Claim” option.
Choose your recipient.

Step 3: Verify your Available Sick Leave Claim
If you have claimed hours in the past, it will be indicated and subtracted from your total.

Step 4: Select the Pay Period, Recipient.
Click NEXT.

Step 5: Enter sick/absent date within the Pay Period selected

Enter the hours you’d like to claim, with a maximum of 8-hour days.

Click “ADD” if you need to claim more hours/days.

Click NEXT when done.

Step 6: Verify at bottom of page the hours claimed

If you made a mistake, click on the X next to the hours to start over.

A pop-up window will appear. Select “Continue” or “Cancel” to adjust.

Step 7: Click “Submitting Claim”

You will be guided to the final Signature Page

Final Step: Click on SQUARE next to your name.

This is your electronic signature, then click on “Sign to Submit for Payment,” and click on “OK” when verification window pops up.

Receiving payment for your paid sick leave

Payment for any sick leave requests is paid separately from your usual check but will be deposited into the same account or pay card.

Questions or problems processing your paid sick leave?

If you need additional assistance submitting your paid sick leave request, please reach out to your local UDW!