Fighting cuts to IHSS hours

May 2, 2019

When IHSS hours were cut by 7% in 2013, UDW members and their clients were severely impacted. Critical, life-improved care was not paid for—or not provided. We fought back and we were successful: Starting on July 1, 2015, the cuts were restored.

But they were restored on a one-time basis that has had to be renewed yearly. In other words, even if we haven’t felt the 7% cut in hours since 2015, that cut is still written in the law.

We say, “End the cut permanently. And end it NOW!”

That’s why we are at the California State Legislature this year, letting our lawmakers know that having the 7% cut still on the books is like a threat to us, a sword hanging over our head that could drop at any moment. On March 14 and 20, dozens of UDW members filled budget hearing rooms with green shirts and took our turns at the microphone to remind committee members of what we do for our clients—and for the state. Legislators say they are sympathetic and that they have not intention of letting the 7% cut go into effect again.

We say, “Great. Now put that in writing.”

We will be there throughout the budget process, making sure that the real stories of IHSS caregivers and clients are heard. And we won’t stop until our hours are safe and our clients are protected.

In Solidarity,

Editha Adams,

UDW Statewide President

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