President’s Report, Spring 2019

May 6, 2019

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers-

I hope this Spring finds you well and filled with the special kind of strength we all call on to do our work as caregivers. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the UDW 2019 Elections and look forward to another term as your Statewide President.  I am grateful for each and every one of you and the trust you put in me to lead your union.

As you know by now, our union is being tested once again by those who power who cannot stand to see caregivers taking power for themselves to protect IHSS and our families. The federal government in Washington, DC, has ruled that home care workers who work for programs like IHSS may not pay union dues—or other things like health and dental premiums—through paycheck deductions. This is an outrageous attack on our rights and we are of course fighting it. But, in the meantime, it’s crucial that we all re-authorize our membership to protect our union, our clients and our rights! If you haven’t reauthorized your membership yet, please visit and re-commit yourself to the fight for home care.

But, though we are being challenged, we are also growing. In February we added thousands of family child care providers and we continue to open our hearts to workers like us who want to live in a world where compassion is our guiding principle and everyone has the care they need.

In Solidarity,

Editha Adams
UDW Statewide President

President’s Report of Events, Actions and Participations

District 8 meeting, January 3

I helped our members there prepare for 2019 district meetings and create a calendar of events.

District 3 Local Board Meeting, January 7

I attended this meeting to help our District 3 leadership discuss issues for upcoming meetings in 2019.

UDW Retiree Retreat, January 11

I gathered with our retired members in San Diego to plan future activities for this newly-activist group.

District 4 Local Board Meeting, January 24

I attended this meeting to help our District 4 leaders plan their upcoming activities.

Food distribution, January 25

I helped members in San Diego distribute food as part of our ongoing commitment to fight food insecurity.

District 8 Local Board Meeting, February 7

I attended this meeting to assist District 8 leadership lay out their plans for the upcoming year’s activities.

District 6 Meet and Greet, February 11

I visited District 6 to get to know our new local board members there.

District 2 Local Board Meeting, February 12

I attended this meeting of our District 2 leadership to help them plan their upcoming events and activities.

District 1 Membership Meeting, February 14

I participated in this District 1 membership meeting in Escondido.

District 4 Membership Meeting, February 19

I attended this membership meeting in Madera and encouraged our members there to join UDW councils.

District 8 Membership Meeting, February 21

I joined our District 8 members for their regular meeting.

District 3 Membership Meeting, February 22

I joined our District 3 members for their regular meeting.

California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) Board Meeting, February 26-27

I attended this event to perform my duties as CARA Vice President and UDW’s representative on the board.

District 2 Membership Meeting, February 29

I joined District 2 members for their regular meeting.

District 2 Local Board Meeting, March 5

I attended this meeting to assist District 2 leadership in planning upcoming events and activities.

Executive Board Meeting, March 18

I presided over this meeting of our UDW Executive Board at our Riverside office.

District 3 Local Board Meeting, April 8

I attended this meeting to assist District 3 Local Board leadership plan upcoming events and activities.

District 8 Local Board Meeting, April 9

I attended this meeting to help our leadership in District 8 plan upcoming events and activities.

District 1 and District 8 Swearing-In Ceremony, April 11

I attended this ceremony in San Diego to swear in newly-elected and newly-re-elected leaders of Districts 1 and 8.

Conference Calls

Endorsement Conference Call, January 16

I participated in this phone meeting to discuss UDW endorsements

CARA Convention Conference Call, February 13

In my position as Vice President of California Alliance of Retired Americans (CARA) I participated in this planning call for the CARA convention.


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