The deadline to file our IRS tax returns is Tuesday, April 18th.

This tax season, don’t let filing your returns be a hassle – instead take advantage of ways to keep money in your pockets and get your hard earned money back.

If your household income was less than $54,000 in 2016, you can have your taxes filed for free. Go to to find a free tax prep location near you.

The California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) puts money back into the hands of the state’s lowest income families. Last year, approximately 385,000 families received nearly $200 million in CalEITC cash. Cash back can allow us to catch up on bills, open a savings account, or afford those car repairs we’ve been putting off.

Go to to find out if you qualify and for an estimate of your EITC amount.

Be sure to file your taxes and claim your cash back credits.

The deadline for filing our IRS tax returns – Monday, April 18th – is approaching. And this year, a new cash back tax credit is easing the financial stress of many California families. The California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) is a new state tax credit aimed at putting much needed money back in the hands of California’s lowest income families. The CalEITC has the potential to help about 600,000 families – including qualifying IHSS home care providers.

The credit will boost incomes and help many low-wage workers provide for their families. With the CalEITC, families who live paycheck to paycheck all year will get cash back to help them start a savings account, catch up on past due bills, afford car repairs, and more.

IHSS providers and other workers may be eligible for the CalEITC if you made less than $13,870 last year. Find out if you are eligible, and how much your cash back tax credit will be with the CalEITC4Me Calculator.

You can only claim your cash back tax credits if you file your taxes. We don’t want any eligible families to miss out by letting this money go unclaimed, so be sure to share this information with your friends and family.

Get help with your taxes – for free!

Whether you qualify for the CalEITC or not, you can still take advantage of free tax preparation near you. If you made $54,000 or less in 2015, you are eligible to get your tax returns filed for free.

You can find free tax preparation near you at Be sure to share these valuable resources with your friends and family!