Our union, our future: We’re starting this year stronger than ever!

February 4, 2021

Dear UDW family,

We began our union over 40 years ago to better the lives of workers, our families and our communities. We knew that by providing care to seniors and people with disabilities we were not only improving our clients’ lives, we were making the world a better place. We helped each other navigate the IHSS program through advocacy and training. We built a base of power to advocate for victories that have changed what it means to be an IHSS caregiver in California. And, after a fifteen-year organizing campaign, we added 20,000 family child care providers to our union.

Through it all, we have been member-led and focused on justice. Now, for the first time in 15 years, UDW is updating our dues structure to better reflect our values of equality and our commitment to the future. Why a new structure and why now? Because caregivers have led the way as frontline heroes in the pandemic; we have proved what we are worth and we are ready to demand more. Your UDW Executive Board chose a new dues structure that ensures financial stability so our union can fight back against attacks on home care and win what we need.

Our updated dues structure is straightforward: instead of the old tiered system, dues will be 3.5% of monthly IHSS earnings with a $20 minimum and a $49 dollar maximum. The increase will be introduced gradually over four years. No one’s dues will increase more than $5/month each year and some members will actually see a decrease in dues. (Want to see how much you’ll pay? Visit udwa.org/myunion and use our handy dues calculator.)

This past year has been difficult, but our union rose to the challenge. Our work to protect seniors, people with disabilities, and children during a pandemic forced the state to finally recognize us as the essential, frontline workers we are. Now is the time to push for what we deserve: better pay, health care, retirement security. There’s never been a better time to be a member of UDW. Stay tuned and stay connected—there is a lot happening this year. Because this is our union and our future!

In solidarity,

Editha Adams
IHSS Provider and UDW Statewide President

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