District 2 County Representative

April 26, 2016

IHSS provider Luz Cedeno, of Orange County, and her mother.

IHSS provider Luz Cedeno, of Orange County, and her mother.

Luz Cedeno
District 2 County Representative 

I work as my mother’s IHSS provider. She’s 80-years-old, and has a debilitating shoulder injury. Before I became a provider, I was a paralegal. I was laid off during the recession. Losing just a few days of work made it nearly impossible for me to pay my rent, and I fell behind on my utility bills. I became an IHSS provider when my mom’s needed me. IHSS is the only program that will allow me to care for my mom, and earn an income.

I believe UDW is only as strong as we are as members. The union can help us if we get involved. We have to fight. We have to go to Sacramento. We have to talk to other providers about why the union is so important. I wanted to be a part of my local UDW board because I want to help people. I want to help explain who we are to other providers, in order to grow our union. That’s where our power is.

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