District 3 Vice Chairperson

April 26, 2016

Camilla Bradford
District 3 Vice Chairperson


Reggie and Camilla

Reggie and Camilla

I provide care for my older brother Reggie who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and intellectual disabilities at a young age. Today, he still requires ongoing medical treatment to manage his condition. Before I took over Reggie’s care in 2008, he would wander in the streets and was in and out of hospitals. Since then, his condition has really improved. He likes to color, play video games with my son, and read books. My children: Leah, Landon, and Marcus also help me care for Reggie.

I am passionate about our work as caregivers and our UDW work. Encouraging my fellow homecare workers to become active in our union has become very important to me. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge, confidence, and new skills since becoming active in our union. In 2015, I was honored to receive amazing support from UDW President Editha Adams, and Vice President Astrid Zuniga, who recommended me for the AFSCME Women’s Leadership Academy. I attended because I want to empower my fellow homecare providers, who are mostly women, and help grow our union and protect the homecare program here in California.

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