IHSS providers in San Diego are being denied minimum wage

July 29, 2016

In June, San Diego voters passed Proposition I, which increased the minimum wage for those working within the city limits to $10.50 an hour on July 1, 2016

However, IHSS providers working in the city of San Diego may have noticed that this increase was not reflected in our July paychecks. It’s the latest development in an on-going dispute over unfair treatment of caregivers and our clients.

A few weeks ago, both the San Diego IHSS Public Authority and UDW sent the state letters demanding to know its plans in regards to the wage increase. Yesterday, we heard from the state that they do not intend to pay San Diego providers the new minimum wage. It is the state’s position that a city cannot pass an ordinance requiring them to pay.

It is an outrage that the state has taken the position that it is not obligated to pay IHSS providers the new minimum wage, and that they expect us to work for a lower wage than every other worker in the city. Right now, UDW is exploring legal action and our next steps. Note that the minimum wage increase outlined in Proposition I impacts only those working within the city of San Diego, and not the entire county.

That’s one reason why right now we are also at the bargaining table with the state to secure a new contract with pay and other improvements for all IHSS providers in San Diego County. Caregivers deserve more than the minimum wage! You can read more about our contract campaign, All In for Care, here.

We will keep you posted on the latest developments with the San Diego minimum wage fight on our website and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/udw.

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